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Fall Corporate Retreat Ideas

11 November 2022

Corporate retreats are a vital tool for bringing staff members together for team-building, team-bonding, and work-related projects in a casual atmosphere. Such retreats allow companies to encourage connections among employees whose work environment has been upended during the past two years, from temporary closures to remote or hybrid work to excessive employee turnover. Those changes upset the balance businesses need to operate smoothly, and companies are seeking ways to restore that balance and strengthen their core. A corporate retreat can work to bring balance and cohesion back to the workplace.

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24 September 2022

When you’re looking for a way to build a stronger team of employees and leaders, there are countless team building activities in Charleston, SC to choose from. You’ll also find an overwhelming selection of team bonding activities in Charleston, SC that can bring your team together organically. So, how do you choose the best ones for your crew?

out-of-the-boredroom-c3980294 On Purpose Adventures Blog - Results from #32

The Importance of Getting Out of the “Boredroom”

24 October 2021

When you first built your company’s business model, you likely spent hours, days, or weeks imagining every detail. You probably envisioned your product and purpose, your audience and clientele, a state-of-the-art office space, and top talent knocking down the doors to become part of your team.

team-building-vs-team-bonding-cca34486 On Purpose Adventures Blog - Results from #32

Team Building Versus Team Bonding

16 October 2021

Over the past several years, the phrase “team building” has become somewhat of an office buzzword. Entrepreneurs, CEOs and business owners everywhere are clamoring to schedule events and afternoons that encourage togetherness, collaboration and cohesion among employees. What these go-getters don’t realize is that they’re often confusing team building for team bonding, and that the two concepts are actually very different.

alpaea-my-bags-e9e120f0 On Purpose Adventures Blog - Results from #32

Adventure? Alpaca My Bags!

16 October 2021

It’s that time of year again. Thanksgiving? Yes, but no. Christmas time? Yes, but no. For many in the outdoor adventurous realm, especially those in water sports, now is when we break down and put on socks. For most this isn’t a big deal. Most wear socks regularly, daily even. But for me, it is a big deal. I need socks that can keep up with my lifestyle.

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Superhero Themed Team Building Activities

16 October 2021

Team building is an essential activity within an organization. In a previous post here on OPA, we’ve cited reasons why it’s important, thus, companies and other types of groups ensure that team building is always a part of their developmental plans.

One of the challenges though, is to think and prepare various activities that will do the job of accomplishing the goals of the team building process, whilst simultaneously letting participants enjoy the sessions. Coming up with new ways to achieve both results fall upon the organizers of the event.

benefits-of-teambuilding-1af56250 On Purpose Adventures Blog - Results from #32

The Benefits of Team Building

16 October 2021

One of the biggest challenges that any business faces is to have all of its employees working towards a common goal. In order for that to happen, everyone within the organization needs to be on the same page, but it can be difficult for that to happen when you have all kinds of different personalities working in the same building. There are going to be natural leaders and followers, and there are also going to be people who want to lead, but who simply sit back and watch for fear that they will fail. Making sure that everyone is in the right position to succeed is important, and team building exercises are a great way to get to know the strengths and weaknesses of everyone within the company.

6-reasons-team-building-is-important-44797f49 On Purpose Adventures Blog - Results from #32

6 Reasons Team Building is Important

16 October 2021

The success of a business depends on the relationship between the employees and the management. The main reason for team building is to build trust and instill confidence in employees. Through team building activities employees feel free to interact with their employers and in doing so gain a sense of belonging within the organization. Team building boosts staff morale thereby increasing motivation.