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Team Building, Bonding and Entertainment in Kayaks

Team Building, Bonding & Entertainment in Kayaks

Many organizations have done the same things over and over while expecting different results. This applies to team building & bonding as well.

They gather the team together then do trust falls. Or they leave the office for a 2 hour ropes course excursion. Or they take the team bowling one afternoon.

Then leaders are surprised when the teams aren't magically communicating and working cohesively the next day.

Break out of the monotony with a unique twist on team building/bonding: Kayak Team Building!

kayak team building excursion

Kayak Team Building offers many benefits to organizations including:

  • Communication: To accomplish goals on the water, the team will have to work together and communicate effectively. No one can sit on the sidelines in this team building activity.
  • Problem Solving: Teams will face problems they have never seen before. Most people have never had to maneuver 10 kayaks at once or stand in a kayak while trusting their team members to keep them from toppling overboard.

kayak team building

  • Leadership: Oftentimes during kayak team building, the manager or team leader is not the most skilled kayaker on the team. Other team members have the opportunity to step into the leadership role to guide their first time kayaking co-workers into learning this new skill.
  • Fun: Kayaking is a great way to meet outside of work, change the environment and stretch some comfort zones. Teams get out of the 'boredroom' to enjoy the fresh air, sunshine and participate in something physical. 

Dynamic Kayak Team Building Activity

There are a few different ways kayak team building can be approached depending on your goals. We have activities for organizations who want to focus on team building or team bonding or simply pure entertainment.

  1. Team Building. Utilizing elements from On Purpose Adventures' CORE offering, Communicating Open-minded Real-time Engagement is the framework of this program, and puts your team in real-life scenarios that build genuine connection. Kayaking with a focus on skill set enhancement includes land activities where employees get their minds churning in creative problem solving mode. Then the group heads out with a team building guide to participate in team building activities on the water in various ways. Teams will have to communicate effectively to accomplish tasks.
  2. Team Bonding. Get your team out of the reprocessed office air and onto the water for a fun guided tour! Cut out of the office early and rent kayaks for the entire team. This is a great option if the entire team or a few members have experience on the water. Your group can have a fun day in the sun and just enjoy each other's company.
  3. Entertainment. Bring employees along on a kayak tour where they have the opportunity to learn lowcountry history, salt march ecology, and possibly see some dolphins and manatees. This is a great option especially for folks who may be a little nervous about kayaking. A guide will be with them the whole time putting them at ease and giving them instructions. A kayak tour is a great way to entertain your team and do something fun!

Nature Adventures Guide with a Tour Group

Trade your keyboards in for kayaks for a fun, engaging experience that builds genuine connection. Break away from the mundane, run-of-the-mill trust falls, and pursue a fun, exciting team building experience that your employees will WANT to attend.

To learn more about our Kayak Team Building options and to request a quote, click here!