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Proven Principles to Retain Your Top Talent

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cohesion-culture-team-building-cac5f77b Cohesion Culture Team Building | On Purpose Adventures

Did you know that nearly 63% of employees are actively looking for a new position? In today's wild war for talent, the primary focus should be on retaining talent, not just attracting it. After all, retaining quality talent is more efficient than recruiting, training, and orienting a replacement of the same––or lesser––caliber.

C-Suite Executives, Company Founders, and Sr. HR Leaders should shift focus to developing an organizational culture that employees WANT to be part of. Dr. Troy Hall can help you create a true "Best Places To Work" environment, where your best employees love to work, and will stay to work. Take home valuable strategies that are immediately actionable and deliver real results.

Join Dr Troy Hall and On Purpose Adventures for an in-person, virtual, or hybrid experience. Learn how you can build a cohesive, productive workspace environment where your employees feel valued, motivated, and committed.

Team Building 20% | Team Bonding 80% | Duration: 3 hrs

OPA combines the principles of Cohesion Culture™ with hands-on activities that focus on leadership style, communication and collaboration that are easily translated into the workplace and put into action to produce solutions and success.

Team Building 80% | Team Bonding 20% | Duration: 2-4 hrs

This fully remote online learning experience helps you become a better leader of a more efficient team. Learn how to enhance productivity and creativity by creating a sense of belonging, value and commitment in the workplace.

Team Building 80% | Team Bonding 20% | Duration: 5 Weeks

No matter how your business functions, or how your employees collaborate, Cohesion Culture™ shows you how to encourage team connection and employee commitment. You’ll learn how to nurture dedicated, professional relationships that last long term.

Cohesion Culture™ will guide you through understanding and acting on the primary principles of talent retention, including the following:

  • The #1 mistake leaders make regarding talent retention
  • How Cohesion Culture™ helps retain top talent
  • Incorporating the renowned Talent Retention Model™
  • Steps to become a “Best Places to Work”

Dr. Troy and On Purpose can walk you through the proven process for retaining top talent and why it’s important for your company culture and bottom line. You'll discover how an excellent work environment can boost employee motivation and satisfaction, as you reduce turnover and performance issues.

It's time to stop settling for "good enough" and start creating an environment that inspires a sense of belonging, value, and commitment.