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Team building is vital to the health and success of your company’s team, and an integral part of many successful business models and training programs. But finding activities that directly contribute to both team bonding and applicable skill development can be an undertaking itself.  At On Purpose Adventures, we bring you team building with a purpose that will motivate and engage every member of your team, on any level. 

On Purpose Adventures in-person team building delivers custom corporate experiential adventures like scavenger hunts, escape rooms, combat archery, kayaking tours and more. Our corporate training experiences address both skill enhancement and personal development with activities that inspire communication, leadership, trust and creative thinking.

This team building program promotes engagement for in-person, virtual, or hybrid workspaces. Team members will learn to understand their own strengths and weaknesses and solve problems as a team through real-world simulations and challenges. 

Team Building 80% | Team Bonding 20% | Duration: 2-4 hrs

Leave the "boredroom" behind for a GPS-based scavenger hunt that combines the power of play with strategy, communication and collaboration. This adventure is full of local folklore, historical facts, and beautiful sights that inspire genuine connection.

Team Building 30% | Team Bonding 70% | Duration: 2.5 hrs

Trade your keyboards in for kayaks in a fun, engaging experience that builds genuine connection. Sharpen skills like teamwork, communication and group problem solving while you build confidence on the water.

Team Building 20% | Team Bonding 80% | Duration: 3 hrs

OPA combines the principles of Cohesion Culture™ with hands-on activities that focus on leadership style, communication and collaboration that are easily translated into the workplace and put into action to produce solutions and success.

Team Building 80% | Team Bonding 20% | Duration: 2-4 hrs

Experience the epic adrenaline rush that combines the classic game of dodgeball with bows and foam-tipped arrows. Skills like communication, team work, split-second decision making and precision are sharpened during this high-energy experience.

Team Building 30% | Team Boding 70% | Duration: 2-4 hrs

Virtual and hybrid team members come together to conquer fast-paced code breaking and riddle solving games. On-the-second problem solving challenges sharpen crucial skills in creative thinking, decision making and leadership.

Team Building 50% | Team Bonding 50% | Duration: 2 hrs

Join Dr Troy Hall and On Purpose Adventures for an in-person, virtual, or hybrid experience. Learn how you can build a cohesive, productive workspace environment where your employees feel valued, motivated, and committed.

Team Building 20% | Team Bonding 80% | Duration: 3 hrs

Help executive and C-suite leaders sharpen their leadership acumen and build productive, dedicated teams. Company leaders learn how to implement essential leadership skills that strengthen both their teams and the core of your company.

Team Building 80% | Team Bonding 20% | Duration: 4 hrs

Your team building adventure can be tailored to your organization's specific goals and expectations. Although adventures will vary, the importance of having a purpose never changes. Whether you need an experience that will fit into your company’s weekend retreat or you’re looking for an afternoon escape from the boredroom, On Purpose Adventures provides fun, interactive challenges that enhance team collaboration and establish a cohesive company foundation.

On Purpose Adventures in-person team building experiences are fully customizable and perfect for:

  • Incentive trips
  • Training and Development
  • Conference or meeting breaks
  • Sales Teams
  • Cross-departmental connection
  • Managerial and leadership enrichment
  • Executive retreats

Genuine connection between team members is proven to enhance creativity, productivity, and dedication. On Purpose Adventures reinvents and nurtures employee relationships by inspiring an authentic interest in helping each other learn and grow.

When you’re ready to take your team building to the next level, do it on purpose with On Purpose Adventures.

A Few of our Past Clients

Satisfied Customers

  • On Purpose truly helped to make our global summit a massive success. I have no hesitation when saying it was the definitive highlight of the week. The impact of what they did has gone so far beyond our summit [...] the lines of communication and sense of camaraderie have vastly improved.
    - Ashley C., Strategic Program Manager, Cisco
  • Cohesion Culture Camp guides staff development for both new and tenured employees on a journey of self-discovery, relationship-building, and FUN. The course is easy to follow, and the time investment is minimal when compared to the results you will begin to see from day one.
    - Diane A., President & CEO, United Bay Community CU
  • On Purpose is a well run operation that allowed our group to gain insights into Charleston's storied history while exploring the city on foot in an effort to complete the Holy City Wanderer scavenger hunt and win our Company Challenge. The technology was very user friendly and helped to improve the overall experience with fun challenges, some involving taking pictures and videos with our team. Definitely a memorable experience and one that I would recommend!
    - Kenny H., Assistant Vice President, Gen Re
  • Our team had an amazing time doing the CODE BREAKERS team building activity. It was fun and challenging and helped us learn a ton about our teammates. It is a game designed for in-person, virtual, or hybrid workforces
    - Allie H., Content & Media Specialist, ADVYON Business Technologies

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