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cohesion-culture-core Cohesion Culture CORE | On Purpose Adventures

Our foundational program with an emphasis on cohesion

cohesion-culture-core-0cf34fe2 Cohesion Culture CORE | On Purpose Adventures

Cohesion Culture™ CORE 

Cohesion Culture™ CORE is a dynamic experience in Communicating Open-minded Real-time Engagement between employers and their stellar teams. The CORE creates an energetic hands-on team building adventure, combining the principles of Cohesion Culture™ (Proven Principles to Retain Your Top Talent) with experiential activities for immediate application. The CORE is a versatile, customizable program that can be adapted to meet the needs of any organization and produce real results that keep employees engaged and productive.

On Purpose gamifies your company concerns, creating puzzles that can be solved and challenges that can be won. These activities are built on a foundation of Cohesion Culture™–– a work environment where employees have a sense of belonging, feel valued, and share in mutual commitments including overall company prosperity.

In The CORE, participants are challenged to forego their workplace facade in the face of comfort stretching challenges, with real-time responses to stressful situations. Purposeful challenges provide applicable insight and learning opportunities that go beyond the office and reverberate through every aspect of life. Think of The CORE as a steroid shot for your team dynamic –– injecting this experience into your group structure rebuilds your people into a high functioning unit.

By focusing on leadership style, communication, and situational responses, The CORE guides members through defining critical aspects of professional and team cohesiveness. Each individual will determine what kind of leader they are, identify their own strengths and weaknesses, and effectively utilize this knowledge alongside their team members to produce solutions and success.

Cohesion Culture™ CORE can take a team that merely meets standards and turn them into a highly motivated squad that blows expectations out of the water.

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Great For

• Training & Development
• Executives
• HR Departments
• Managers
• Sales Teams
• Cross Departmental


• Culture Enhancement
• Leadership
• Decision Making
• Communication
• Team Work
• Collaboration

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