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keeping your remote employees productive & engaged

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Code Breakers

Are you looking for a way to bring your remote employees together, and encourage team bonding and cohesion, without putting them to sleep? Then check out Code Breakers, a fast-paced code breaking and riddle solving game where the goal is simple: getting your virtual teams to work TOGETHER, against the clock, to earn more points than their opponents for the win. 

In a world that is rapidly growing toward virtually dominated workspaces, virtual team bonding experiences like Code Breakers are gaining ground –– and for good reason. When your team plays the way they work, they form real relationships and find applicable ways to communicate and collaborate. 

Using creative thinking and imagination, your team members work towards a common goal of cracking the code. On-the-second problem solving challenges prompt team members to employ crucial skills in creative thinking, decision making and leadership while working side-by-side in a fun, comfortable, virtual space. The benefits of learned and enthusiastic teamwork last long after the games end and create a positive lasting impact on your company culture..

With Code Breakers, every member of your team contributes to the overall success of the mission. The outcome of each scenario depends on the cohesion of the team and mimics the real-life application of teamwork, communication, and collaborative problem solving.

Help your team of remote workers gain some common ground and nurture their creativity, productivity, and dedication with a round of On Purpose Team Building Code Breakers. Your crew will be begging for more team meetings. 

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Great For

• Training & Development
• Sales Teams
• Tech Teams
• Conference/meeting Breaks
• Cross Departmental
• Managers


• Resource/Time Management
• Problem Solving
• Communication
• Leadership
• Team Work
• Collaboration

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