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Play How You Work

hybrid team building options

hybrid-team-building-f8135c54 Hybrid Team Building | On Purpose Adventures

At a time when work spaces are becoming increasingly blended between in-person and remote employees, it has never been more important to streamline the way your team interacts. On Purpose Team Building creates team building activities for hybrid teams, so you can play, learn, and grow in the same way that you work. These customized activities are created to mirror your workspace dynamic, and allow employees to build functional relationships and develop relevant, applicable skills. 

On Purpose Team Building’s hybrid team building aims to break down the “us and them” mentality that comes with blended workspaces. Each individual plays an important part in the overall success of their team, and players must learn how to blend team members together seamlessly to beat their opponents.

Virtual and hybrid team members come together to conquer fast-paced code breaking and riddle solving games. On-the-second problem solving challenges sharpen crucial skills in creative thinking, decision making and leadership.

Team Building 50% | Team Bonding 50% | Duration: 2 hrs

This team building program promotes engagement for in-person, virtual, or hybrid workspaces. Team members will learn to understand their own strengths and weaknesses and solve problems as a team through real-world simulations and challenges. 

Team Building 80% | Team Bonding 20% | Duration: 2-4 hrs

Join Dr Troy Hall and On Purpose Adventures for an in-person, virtual, or hybrid experience. Learn how you can build a cohesive, productive workspace environment where your employees feel valued, motivated, and committed.

Team Building 20% | Team Bonding 80% | Duration: 3 hrs

Leave the "boredroom" behind for a GPS-based scavenger hunt that combines the power of play with strategy, communication and collaboration. This adventure is full of local folklore, historical facts, and beautiful sights that inspire genuine connection.

Team Building 30% | Team Bonding 70% | Duration: 2.5 hrs

OPA combines the principles of Cohesion Culture™ with hands-on activities that focus on leadership style, communication and collaboration that are easily translated into the workplace and put into action to produce solutions and success.

Team Building 80% | Team Bonding 20% | Duration: 2-4 hrs

Help executive and C-suite leaders sharpen their leadership acumen and build productive, dedicated teams. Company leaders learn how to implement essential leadership skills that strengthen both their teams and the core of your company.

Team Building 80% | Team Bonding 20% | Duration: 4 hrs

The hybrid team building activities from On Purpose Team Building feature games and exercises that imitate your team’s daily interaction. Tasks are centered around encouraging teamwork and cohesion among remote and in-person employees. Team members will solve puzzles, break codes and conquer challenges that are designed to be tackled by in-person and virtual player collaboration.

With our hybrid team building activities, remote employees will never feel left out of the action. Our app allows remote login so virtual players can share the full experience with in-person participants. External webcams and microphones capture the best angles and sound quality, with bluetooth headphones to bring it all to life. 

If you’re looking for a team building experience that is built specifically for hybrid workspaces, On Purpose Adventures Team Building has you covered. Help your geographically divergent team become a dynamic, productive and cohesive hybrid workforce.