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4cs The 4 C's of Building A Strong C-Suite

Communication, Creative Thinking, Collaboration, & Conflict Resolution

4cs-f5bb0646 The 4 C's of Building A Strong C-Suite

The "4 C's" of Building A Strong C-Suite Team

Instill a strong company core by deploying the “4 C’s”.

The core of a successful business lies on a sound foundation built on a strong, cohesive company culture and outstanding leadership. On Purpose Adventures can help your executive leadership team build and direct deeply successful teams by deploying the “4 C’s”.

Communication, Creative thinking, Collaboration, & Conflict resolution are the essential cornerstones at the heart of any eminent business. Whether your team operates in-person, remotely, or as a combined hybrid effort, the cohesiveness of your team and strength of leadership dictates daily flow and long term success. Even as employees and C-level executives work remotely, business decisions and work-related conflict still have to be addressed and resolved efficiently.

This dynamic and enlightening program offered by On Purpose Team Building sharpens executive leadership acumen by highlighting the essentials of the 4 C’s. Throughout this program, corporate officers, directors and team leaders are instructed on techniques that enhance individual skills in order to strengthen and streamline the teams that they captain.

The 4 C’s experience works by introducing creative, hands-on activities that translate to a corporate environment. We provide a customized, interactive approach aimed at turning real world, day-to-day problems into puzzles that can be solved. The expertise learned through modules and challenges encourage inspired leadership, with learned skills and benefits carrying well beyond the boardroom.

You already have an outstanding executive team on your side, now you can give them the tools for creating a cohesive, productive, and committed workplace community. Break out of the boardroom and engage in thought-provoking, purposeful executive leadership enrichment with The 4 C’s of Building a Strong C-Suite.

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Great For

• Executive Retreats
• Training and Development
• Leadership Teams
• Cross Departmental
• Managers
• Mergers/Acquisitions


• Communication
• Collaboration
• Conflict Resolution
• Creative Thinking
• Resource Management
• Leadership

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