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Keeping Remote Employees Productive and Engaged

virtual team building options

virtual-team-building-1bc63b90 Virtual Team Building | On Purpose Adventures

Team building and bonding is vital to keeping valuable employees productive, engaged, and committed. But when your team, or part of your team, is working remotely, it’s important to introduce and implement relevant, virtual team building strategies that work the way you do

With business models shifting more and more toward remote operation, team leaders and executives are finding themselves in a unique predicament. How can you help your employees form a cohesive culture when you’re working blocks, miles, or time zones away? Even if you’re not gathering around the same water cooler, business decisions and conflict still need to be addressed.

This virtual team bonding experience provides customized activities that foster compelling conversation in a deliberate and fun manner. Keep virtual employees engaged and collaborating at a high level, long after the games end.

Team Building 20% | Team Bonding 80% | Duration: 3 hrs

Virtual and hybrid team members come together to conquer fast-paced code breaking and riddle solving games. On-the-second problem solving challenges sharpen crucial skills in creative thinking, decision making and leadership.

Team Building 50% | Team Bonding 50% | Duration: 2 hrs

This fully remote online learning experience helps you become a better leader of a more efficient team. Learn how to enhance productivity and creativity by creating a sense of belonging, value and commitment in the workplace.

Team Building 80% | Team Bonding 20% | Duration: 5 Weeks

This team building program promotes engagement for in-person, virtual, or hybrid workspaces. Team members will learn to understand their own strengths and weaknesses and solve problems as a team through real-world simulations and challenges. 

Team Building 80% | Team Bonding 20% | Duration: 2-4 hrs

Join Dr Troy Hall and On Purpose Adventures for an in-person, virtual, or hybrid experience. Learn how you can build a cohesive, productive workspace environment where your employees feel valued, motivated, and committed.

Team Building 20% | Team Bonding 80% | Duration: 3 hrs

Help executive and C-suite leaders sharpen their leadership acumen and build productive, dedicated teams. Company leaders learn how to implement essential leadership skills that strengthen both their teams and the core of your company.

Team Building 80% | Team Bonding 20% | Duration: 4 hrs

OPA combines the principles of Cohesion Culture™ with hands-on activities that focus on leadership style, communication and collaboration that are easily translated into the workplace and put into action to produce solutions and success.

Team Building 80% | Team Bonding 20% | Duration: 2-4 hrs

On Purpose Team Building works by engaging employees and team leaders virtually, so you can play the same way you work. We provide Virtual Team Building that will enhance the performance and dedication of your team, improve employee retention rates, and reduce work-related problems. 

On Purpose Virtual Team Building provides creative, hands-on activities that your team can complete together, from anywhere. Our customized, interactive approach is aimed at turning real world, day-to-day problems into stimulating puzzles that can be solved.

This dynamic and enlightening remote team building program by On Purpose Team Building Highlights the essentials of the 4 C’s: Communication, Creative thinking, Collaboration, and Conflict resolution. Corporate officers and directors are guided through techniques that enhance individual skills and strengthen their teams.

Equip your team with the fundamentals they need to combat work-related issues and impact the company culture in a positive way. When you’re ready to bring your team together in a way that just makes sense, On Purpose Virtual Team Building is here to help you engage with a purpose, on purpose.