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Unleash_Summer_Fun_Leading_On_Purpose_Blog_Post-7dc5b578 Newsletters
05 June 2024

Does this sound familiar?

Summertime is here, and your team is already feeling cooped up indoors. The weather is beautiful, but not yet too hot. The sun is shining. The kids are out of school. Vacation brain is setting in even for employees still in the office.

If this is happening at your workplace, it's time to plan a team building or bonding event.

The_Power_of_Enthusiasm_Leading_On_Purpose_Newsletter-14eb56cb Newsletters
22 May 2024

Energy is contagious. We've all experienced how the enthusiasm of one person can lift the spirits of those around them.

But what about those of us who aren't naturally exuberant or who prefer less interaction? Can enthusiasm still play a role in our success? Absolutely!

Science backs up the phrase 'energy is contagious.' Research in psychology and neuroscience has demonstrated that emotions and behaviors can be transmitted from one person to another through various mechanisms.

Great%20Leaders%20Own%20Their%20Mistakes%20Leading%20On%20Purpose%20newsletter%201-44cd076a Newsletters
08 May 2024

Uh-oh. A mistake has been made. The director of marketing starts looking around the boardroom for which employee they will blame. They couldn't possibly walk into a meeting with the CEO and take full ownership of this error.... Or could they?

If you haven't read Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin, I highly recommend you check it out. The book is written by two U.S. Navy SEAL officers who led the most highly decorated special forces unity of the Iraq War.

Extreme Ownership emphasizes taking full responsibility for one's actions and decisions, both individually and as part of a team. By adopting an "extreme ownership" mindset, readers learn how to proactively tackle challenges and drive positive outcomes.

Knowing_When_to_Pivot_Leading_On_Purpose_Newsletter-5b142299 Newsletters
24 April 2024

How do you know when it's time to throw in the towel?

When should you pivot or start over?

The motivational quote on the break room wall says to never give up.

But the CEO dissolved five businesses before she discovered her million-dollar idea.

The journey is rarely a straight line from idea to success. It's often a winding road filled with twists, turns, and unexpected obstacles.

One of the toughest challenges entrepreneurs face is knowing when to pivot, evolve, or even throw in the towel entirely.

Yellow_Camo_Crew_Introducing_Beth_Beutler_Leading_On_Purpose-a80bf780 Newsletters
10 April 2024

In the third quarter of 2022, On Purpose Adventuresbrought on Beth Beutler to operate our office and oversee the integration of project/event management software. Her work has increased efficiencies and communication with our clients to remove the pressure of event planning from the assistant, planning committee, or business manager who would prefer to focus on the many other things on their plates.

Beth has been instrumental in helping remove internal operations tasks from my to-do-list which allows me to focus on creating the experiences that challenge people to grow.

Read on to learn more about Beth and how she's become the "point person" for our organization!

Make_it_team_building_but_for_the_non-rah-rah_folks_Leading_On_Purpose_Newsletter-05a794d8 Newsletters
27 March 2024

Have you noticed that people at your organization have different temperaments?

Of course you have. Personalities range drastically from loud and attention seeking to meek and wallflower. There's the person holding court at the water cooler as a stand up comedian. There's the employee with a few close friends at work who they really open up to but otherwise they don't say much. There's the person who comes in to work, clocks out at five on the dot, and wants no communication with any co-workers during their time off.

Every employee is different, therefore, it's important that team building and team bonding take into account these differing behaviors.

Yellow_Camo_Crew_Introducing_Sara_Chuluda_Leading_On_Purpose-7757025e Newsletters
13 March 2024

Sara Chuluda brings something different to our On Purpose Adventures team. Stemming from her background in pure mathematics and 5 years of working for an Aerospace Department of Defense contractor, Sara has an analytical brain and is attentive to detail.

This is a great balance to our founder's shoot first and aim later mindset. Through Sara's behavioral differences from Ben-Jamin Toy, she has made him a better leader. Sara has done an incredible job of refining our processes and thinking through content and typos. She has been a great asset to our Yellow Camo Crew.

Effect_of_Laughter_on_Retaining_Top_Talent_Leading_On_Purpose_Newsletter-ae05e07f Newsletters
28 February 2024

We have this idea that work is a monotonous, daily drag - a place we must be at Monday through Friday. We sit in a cubicle, typing away while staring at a screen for eight hours a day. We visit the water cooler or break room for a brief 5-minute respite, a chance to relax our eyes and take a deep breath before returning to our dreaded assignments.

It doesn't have to be this way. Organizations are transforming the appearance, ambiance, and atmosphere of their offices. They recognize that engaging colors are more effective than plain white concrete walls, that office temperature plays a role, and that the sound of laughter in the halls doesn't indicate a lack of productivity; it simply means employees are enjoying their time at the office.

Isn't that a good thing?