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Unleash_Summer_Fun_Leading_On_Purpose_Blog_Post-bcbe30b1 Is it time for a company picnic?

Is it time for a company picnic?

05 June 2024

Does this sound familiar?

Summertime is here, and your team is already feeling cooped up indoors. The weather is beautiful, but not yet too hot. The sun is shining. The kids are out of school. Vacation brain is setting in even for employees still in the office.

If this is happening at your workplace, it's time to plan a team building or bonding event.

Why Stay Indoors?

Get those hardworking employees out of the 'boredroom'. Make the most of the beautiful weather by planning something fun outdoors.

If you realize what a great idea summertime team building/bonding is, but don't know where to start, this is the newsletter for you.

Summertime Team Building and Bonding Activities

Choose the Perfect Venue

There are many great ideas for team building and bonding during the summer. The most important factor is to remove employees from the corporate workplace. Don't put them in a 'boredroom' with giant windows showing the beautiful weather outside while they're stuck indoors.

Look for parks with rentable shelters, businesses with large outdoor spaces, or water activities. When company retreats are not feasible because the kids are out of school, consider local options. Start with a Google search for "Outdoor venues near me." You can also reach out to a local team building company for help. On Purpose Adventures is local to Charleston and Greenville, SC but we travel to accommodate teams wherever needed.

Fun Activities for All Ages

Brainstorm fun activities for a weekday or weekend where employees can bring the whole family. Kids can be excellent tools for fostering connections. When two employees who don't frequently converse have four-year-olds getting along and playing (giving those parents a nice break), it creates an excellent opportunity for their parents to have a conversation. They immediately have something to connect on and that something happens to be the most important thing in their lives - their children.

 The Office Company Picnic

Here are a few ideas for activities workplaces can facilitate:

  1. Kayak/Canoe Team Building: This can be a simple team bonding activity or a more interactive team building event with challenges and games. Anyone can participate who wants to pick up a paddle and head out on the water. (Click here to book an On Purpose Adventures' Kayak Team Building excursion.)
  2. Water Parks/Theme Parks: This pure entertainment activity would likely take place on a Saturday and be voluntary. Anyone who wants to come out for a day of fun and bring their families can join.
  3. Scavenger Hunt: Plan a fun Scavenger Hunt around your organization's hometown where just employees or employees with their families can explore and learn something new. Scavenger Hunts force people to work as a team and communicate effectively. You can plan internally or find one online. On Purpose Adventures can also create custom Scavenger Hunts for your city. We already have Scavenger Hunts created for Charleston and Greenville.
  4. Company Picnic/Employee Appreciation Day: These can occur on weekdays or over the weekend. Invite employees and their families to a park for a beautiful picnic. Plan casual activities. For a company picnic or employee appreciation day, consider the ages of attendees and how they could have fun. Your local library might have games like Giant Jenga or Cornhole available to checkout. Bring a soccer ball, volleyball, and/or football. Ensure plenty of food, drinks, and sunblock for all attendees. You can ask employees what outdoor activities they like to do with their families and if they'd each like to bring something to the event. This event can be as easy or as complicated as you make it.
  5. Beach Olympics/Field Day/Water Wars: For the ambitious, plan (or hire someone to plan) a detailed, action-packed all-day event. These are the kinds of events teams never forget. They inspire competition, teamwork, and collaboration.

Survey Your Team

You don't have to think of the activities yourself. Teams are eager to share their ideas for fun events their families would enjoy. Take a survey from those interested in participating. Find out the ages of their children and number of family members. Ask them what they haven't had the chance to do around town yet but have been wanting to try. Then, listen to their feedback and plan an event that meets their needs.

Ignoring employee feedback after specifically asking for it can lead to a loss of employee engagement and trust. It's important to actively listen and demonstrate to employees how much their feedback matters.

Adult Field Day

Consider Gift Cards

Finally, if a large team building event isn't doable at this time, you can still make a gesture of appreciation.

Consider how employees want to spend their summer, their family makeup, and gift them with gift cards. Organizations understand the importance of work/life balance so ensuring employees have both the time and finances to take their family to the waterpark, go on a kayak excursion, or take their spouse out for a nice dinner over the summer is a thoughtful gesture. Beyond being a nice gesture, this fun time away from the office makes for more engaged and stress-free teams.

It's a win-win.

Ready to plan your summer event?

Make this summer unforgettable!