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Yellow_Camo_Crew_Introducing_Beth_Beutler_Leading_On_Purpose-0b106e59 Yellow Camo Crew: Introducing Beth Beutler

Yellow Camo Crew: Introducing Beth Beutler

10 April 2024

In the third quarter of 2022, On Purpose Adventuresbrought on Beth Beutler to operate our office and oversee the integration of project/event management software. Her work has increased efficiencies and communication with our clients to remove the pressure of event planning from the assistant, planning committee, or business manager who would prefer to focus on the many other things on their plates.

Beth has been instrumental in helping remove internal operations tasks from my to-do-list which allows me to focus on creating the experiences that challenge people to grow.

Read on to learn more about Beth and how she's become the "point person" for our organization!

Can you share a favorite adventure with our readers?

I'm a pretty eclectic person, so I enjoy a variety of adventures.  I confess I'm not into scary or extreme activities, but love to learn and experience new things.  I've done a lot of camping over the years, and have enjoyed kayaking, hiking, and geocaching.  In recent years, I've been focused more on my local area, and now carry the designation of Certified Tourism Ambassador for Greenville, SC.   I enjoy knowing and sharing more about my city and the towns around it - we have a lot to offer.  One of the coolest adventures I ever did was winning a contest to be a social media reporter for a NASCAR driver.  I got to be with the pit crew, have my name on the car (still have the fender) enjoy a bit of time with the driver, get a shop tour, and see the behind-the-scenes of a NASCAR race.  It was one of the best adventures of my life, for sure (even though "my" car died around lap 100).

What attracts you to On Purpose Adventures?

I love working with OPA because I enjoy developing and executing operational processes that help us succeed in providing organized and meaningful experiences.  I'm equally a task AND people person and an ambivert, so getting to be out in the field from time to time balances and refreshes me from my main focus on the operations behind the scenes.  I love that working with Ben and OPA allows me to utilize a variety of gifts and both sides of my temperament for purposes I believe in.  I also am excited about being the point-person for our expansion into Greenville and the upstate.  I guess you could say I am the "point person" for the "point person" of the companies we work with.

What is something that gives you PURPOSE?

My faith is my number one motivator. I seek first to follow and bring glory to God in the work I do. I also have a passion for helping people to grow professionally and personally and consider myself a lifelong learner.  This dovetails well with my opportunity to work with OPA.

What is your favorite team building activity to facilitate and why?

I enjoy most any type of team building activities, but the best part is observing and debriefing how different temperaments came into play, strategies the teams came up with, and what they discover about creating solutions together.

Do you have any upcoming adventures planned?

Right now, my adventures are focused on things like enjoyment of local activities and experiences, spending time with my husband, and bonding with our two grandchildren, one of whom is a heart warrior.  I look forward to traveling again more in the future and would like to someday go to the Mediterranean and Italy, maybe on another cruise (we've been on two cruises to the Bahamas and loved them.)

Questions Fast Round

What is your favorite outdoor hobby?  Walking on trails, sitting outside (particularly if I can be by water), and also going to Top Golf where we are members.

What is your favorite indoor hobby?  Dabbling in a variety of creative pursuits such as sewing, playing flute, decorative journaling/note taking, paper crafting, etc. and enjoying coffee my husband makes (especially since for years he was NOT a coffee drinker). I also enjoy reading updates and sharing my own on social media.

Tell us something not on your resume that shocks others.  I'm not sure this shocks anyone, but I've authored several books, all available on Amazon.

Thank you Beth for sharing about yourself with our Leading On Purpose readers. Beth is the founder and managing director of H.O.P.E. Unlimited, helping entrepreneurs pursue excellence via virtual administrative assistance. To learn more, click here to visit her website.

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