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Yellow Camo Crew: Introducing Jen Chacon

Yellow Camo Crew: Introducing Jen Chacon

In this week's newsletter, we are continuing to introduce readers to the incredible team we have at On Purpose Adventures.

On Purpose Adventures' founder, Ben-Jamin Toy, was introduced to Jen Chacon by Jimmy Sorrells, owner of Liberty Networking . He spoke at a few events in Greenville, South Carolina and didn't meet Jen when he was in town. A few weeks later Jimmy introduced them and Ben-Jamin asked Jen if she had more bandwidth. If she could take on more and she said yes. Jen felt like being a team building facilitator was a calling for her and we set to determining how to best utilize and promote Jen's skills.

Jen lives in Greenville and this presented us with an incredible opportunity. Ben-Jamin has always wanted to expand On Purpose Adventures and have a physical presence in the upstate of South Carolina. Having Jen on our #YellowCamoCrew makes it easier to expand and promote our organization in this area of South Carolina as well as Atlanta and Charlotte.

Jen has also travelled to Charleston to facilitate team building activities and has become a good friend as well. Get to know Jen below through the amazing adventures she has taken and the purpose behind her decisions!

Can you share a favorite adventure with our readers?

Last summer my husband and I took our two youngest “kids” (who were 14 and 17 at the time) on a 18 day road trip to Glacier National Park from Greenville, SC. We logged almost 6,000 miles, visited 21 states and got our National Park Passport stamps at over a dozen big and small national parks. I’m not sure which was more of an adventure - all the parks and hiking or the four of us in a truck for 18 days! We had a blast, were still speaking at the end and only had one melt down on the trip. It was quite a memory maker.

What attracts you to On Purpose Adventures?

Three things:

  1. I love work. I know that seems crazy to a lot of people, but I absolutely love work; the actual work, collaborating with others, giving back to the world in a purposeful way, all of it. And it pains me to see how many people hate work and how many toxic workplaces there are. So working with a team that helps share the impact of, and practical steps to, creating a Cohesive Culture allows me to help others enjoy work too.
  2. I also love adventure! I’m not the riskiest risk taker in the world, but I love to explore and travel and try new things. I’m a lifelong learner. The way OPA integrates fun into learning and makes it an experience is such a great way for people to be engaged and learn.
  3. I’ve been facilitating for years and so appreciate that interaction with groups and teams. Public speaking is number four on the list of common fears, but I get so much energy and enjoyment out of seeing “a-ha” moments when I lead and facilitate group sessions. 

So you put those three together, plus the phenomenal team of people that comprises On Purpose Adventures, and it immediately felt like home.

What is something that gives you PURPOSE?

Two big ones - helping people realize and tap into their full potential, and helping teams create a great working environment that people want to be a part of.

What is your favorite team building activity to facilitate and why?

Eyes, Body, Voice is my favorite! It is such a visual demonstration of our common challenges in communication and collaboration. I’ve seen people get really frustrated, and yet work through to a solution. I’ve seen people get really creative. Always, there are amazing takeaways and concrete ideas of what they can implement back at their workplace.

Do you have any upcoming adventures planned?

My husband and I may be going to India on a work trip this winter. It’s a country that feels a little daunting to visit, and definitely different than any other I’ve visited. But that’s what makes it an adventure. We are also serial entrepreneurs at this point, so that is always an adventure! And we are already thinking about next year’s big summer trip. We have a goal to visit all 64 of the major national parks.

Questions Fast Round

What is your favorite outdoor hobby? Hiking

What is your favorite indoor hobby? Reading

Tell us something not on your resume that shocks others. I became a stepmom to four amazing kids at the age of 45, having no children of my own. It’s been one of the greatest joys and blessings of my life.

Thank you Jen for taking the time to share a little about yourself with our blog  readers!

On Purpose Adventures offers team building and bonding programs in Greenville, South Carolina with easy access to Atlanta and Charlotte areas.

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