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Yellow_Camo_Crew_Introducing_Sara_Chuluda_Leading_On_Purpose-7bd6b900 Yellow Camo Crew: Introducing Sara Chuluda

Yellow Camo Crew: Introducing Sara Chuluda

13 March 2024

Sara Chuluda brings something different to our On Purpose Adventures team. Stemming from her background in pure mathematics and 5 years of working for an Aerospace Department of Defense contractor, Sara has an analytical brain and is attentive to detail.

This is a great balance to our founder's shoot first and aim later mindset. Through Sara's behavioral differences from Ben-Jamin Toy, she has made him a better leader. Sara has done an incredible job of refining our processes and thinking through content and typos. She has been a great asset to our Yellow Camo Crew.

Sara and Ben-Jamin connected through their love of Onewheel (made by Future Motion). When Ben-Jamin picked up this hobby, he added Onewheel to his process for facilitating events because he enjoyed it so much. Sara has been a mentor to Ben-Jamin in learning about Onewheel, and he asked if she wanted to join our team of facilitators and get paid for doing something she already enjoyed. Obviously, she decided to come on board and we are better for it!

As much as we have stretched her, she has stretched us and made our offerings better. Keep reading to learn more about Sara Chuluda!

Can you share a favorite adventure with our readers?

Every outing on my Onewheel is my favorite adventure. It keeps me moving forward in life, literally and figuratively. It has led me to meet new friends and explore new places.

Sara Chuluda riding Onewheel

Sara Onewheel(ing) in her best Yellow Camo Crew gear!

What attracts you to On Purpose Adventures?

Adventure and growth! I love new experiences. OPA has had me out on the water in a kayak (that I had to purposefully tip over for training!), at beach resorts and upscale hotels & restaurants. Facilitating pushes me out of my comfort zone by forcing me to be surrounded by and to interact with large groups of people. It also gives me an opportunity to improve my communication skills.

What is something that gives you PURPOSE?

Being helpful. It feels good to help others.

What is your favorite team building activity to facilitate and why?

Scavenger Hunts because I get to ride my Onewheel while facilitating!

Do you have any upcoming adventures planned?

I’m going to Savannah this weekend for a concert, so I reached out to the Savannah Onewheel community on Facebook to plan a group ride while I’m in town for the day. I’m looking forward to meeting some new people and having them show me around their town via Onewheel.

Questions Fast Round

What is your favorite outdoor hobby? Riding trails on my Onewheel

What is your favorite indoor hobby? Metal Karaoke

Tell us something not on your resume that shocks others. I was initially an art & fashion design major before switching to Pure Mathematics

Thank you Sara for sharing your story with our Leading On Purpose readers. We are pretty sure at least half our readers want to go try their luck on a Onewheel this weekend after reading about your passion for the activity!

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