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In the face of increasingly remote workspaces, the lack of in-person interaction is leaving employees with a sense of digital isolation. A case of zoom fatigue could be setting in amongst your virtual team, slowing down your company’s bandwidth.

If all or some of your employees are logging on from home, On Purpose Adventures Online Icebreakers can bring them all back to the boardroom with a purpose –– one that will pique their interest and finetune the cohesive culture you’re after.

Created to foster engaging conversation in a deliberate and fun manner, these icebreaker adventures will keep your team feeling fresh and communicating at a high level. As employees engage, they’ll be fostering an atmosphere of positive, contagious creativity, which will continue to inspire long after the games end.

It’s time to embrace the “new normal” and find different ways to engage by moving away from the mundane and into invigorating new virtual adventures. “Break the ice” and get your team excited about meetings again.

With your specific needs in mind, On Purpose will build the right virtual team bonding adventure for your group. Your team’s explicitly selected activities will keep team members engaged and entertained, with a specific purpose. Whether your desire is to get deeply personal or keep small talk and chatter light, we have options that will guide your group in the right direction.

Even if you can’t close the physical space between you, you can help your team members break the ice with On Purpose Icebreakers. 

Great For

• Training & Development
• Sales Teams
• Tech Teams
• Virtual Meeting Breaks
• Cross Departmental
• Managers


• Connection
• Laughter
• Problem Solving
• Communication
• Team Work
• Collaboration

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A Few of our Past Clients

Satisfied Customers

  • On Purpose truly helped to make our global summit a massive success. I have no hesitation when saying it was the definitive highlight of the week. The impact of what they did has gone so far beyond our summit [...] the lines of communication and sense of camaraderie have vastly improved.
    - Ashley C., Strategic Program Manager, Cisco
  • Cohesion Culture Camp guides staff development for both new and tenured employees on a journey of self-discovery, relationship-building, and FUN. The course is easy to follow, and the time investment is minimal when compared to the results you will begin to see from day one.
    - Diane A., President & CEO, United Bay Community CU
  • On Purpose is a well run operation that allowed our group to gain insights into Charleston's storied history while exploring the city on foot in an effort to complete the Holy City Wanderer scavenger hunt and win our Company Challenge. The technology was very user friendly and helped to improve the overall experience with fun challenges, some involving taking pictures and videos with our team. Definitely a memorable experience and one that I would recommend!
    - Kenny H., Assistant Vice President, Gen Re
  • Our team had an amazing time doing the CODE BREAKERS team building activity. It was fun and challenging and helped us learn a ton about our teammates. It is a game designed for in-person, virtual, or hybrid workforces
    - Allie H., Content & Media Specialist, ADVYON Business Technologies

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