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faq FAQ's | On Purpose Adventures


  • Where does On Purpose Adventures operate?
    On Purpose is headquartered in Charleston SC and facilitates locally as well as remotely (virtually), and travels to any location a client desires. We are mobile and have no location to host activities. We use local parks, fields, hotel ballrooms, and conference rooms. We try to be outside whenever possible to get participants Out of the “Boredroom”.
  • Which team building or bonding activity is right for us?
    We will not know until we have a consultation. Our adventure consultants will ask questions to determine your needs and goals from a singular event perspective or long-term strategy.

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  • How much lead time is needed to plan an in-person or virtual team building activity?
    This depends on the activity selected, the amount, if any, customization is done, and the group size.The more time the better, however, many events can be facilitated with 48 hours notice, if staff is available.
  • How much will an activity cost?
    Our adventures will cost you nothing as they are investments into your team with long-term proven ROIs. As far as the investment amount, that is determined by which program or activity selected, any customization, group size, travel, etc.
  • How much time is needed for an activity?
    Each activity has an icon with the time options. However, we can meet time constraints as needed if we determine we can effectively deliver the level of the experience that is expected of us. If your available time is less than what an activity requires, we will create a custom adventure rather than simply shorten an existing one.
  • Are activities customizable with content and branding?
    Absolutely. We can add in company and personnel trivia when applicable. We can start and end scavenger hunts as needed. We can tie in book content your team is reading to certain programs. And we can produce branded materials with enough lead time if desired.
  • Are activities competitive?
    Several of our adventures are designed to be competitive. Others are meant for collaboration. Many can be both. After learning about your goals during a adventure consultation, we will offer options that we feel are best suited for your team.
  • For CRS activities, how are the charities determined?
    We love Corporate Social Responsibility adventures. We have several, pre-arranged and designed offerings that support local charities. If you would like to incorporate a cause you support, we can certainly explore how to make that happen.
  • What are the types of clients that hire On Purpose Adventures?
    We are not a good fit for everyone. We tend to resonate with groups who seek to create and foster strong relationships and bonds with their teammates as well as improve their soft skills. We are right for clients who don’t want stuffy board room (“boredroom”) workshops, training, and lectures. We are experiential, that is learn by doing. If you are an uptight group who doesn’t like to laugh and stretch comfort zones, we will not be a match for you. We have served small and large executive teams from around the country. We have worked with the top performers or some of the world’s most recognizable corporations all the way down to local little league baseball teams and church youth groups. The why someone wants to work with us is far more important than the who.