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Make_it_team_building_but_for_the_non-rah-rah_folks_Leading_On_Purpose_Newsletter-05a794d8 On Purpose Adventures Blog - Results from #8 - Results from #8
27 March 2024

Have you noticed that people at your organization have different temperaments?

Of course you have. Personalities range drastically from loud and attention seeking to meek and wallflower. There's the person holding court at the water cooler as a stand up comedian. There's the employee with a few close friends at work who they really open up to but otherwise they don't say much. There's the person who comes in to work, clocks out at five on the dot, and wants no communication with any co-workers during their time off.

Every employee is different, therefore, it's important that team building and team bonding take into account these differing behaviors.

Yellow_Camo_Crew_Introducing_Sara_Chuluda_Leading_On_Purpose-7757025e On Purpose Adventures Blog - Results from #8 - Results from #8
13 March 2024

Sara Chuluda brings something different to our On Purpose Adventures team. Stemming from her background in pure mathematics and 5 years of working for an Aerospace Department of Defense contractor, Sara has an analytical brain and is attentive to detail.

This is a great balance to our founder's shoot first and aim later mindset. Through Sara's behavioral differences from Ben-Jamin Toy, she has made him a better leader. Sara has done an incredible job of refining our processes and thinking through content and typos. She has been a great asset to our Yellow Camo Crew.

Effect_of_Laughter_on_Retaining_Top_Talent_Leading_On_Purpose_Newsletter-ae05e07f On Purpose Adventures Blog - Results from #8 - Results from #8
28 February 2024

We have this idea that work is a monotonous, daily drag - a place we must be at Monday through Friday. We sit in a cubicle, typing away while staring at a screen for eight hours a day. We visit the water cooler or break room for a brief 5-minute respite, a chance to relax our eyes and take a deep breath before returning to our dreaded assignments.

It doesn't have to be this way. Organizations are transforming the appearance, ambiance, and atmosphere of their offices. They recognize that engaging colors are more effective than plain white concrete walls, that office temperature plays a role, and that the sound of laughter in the halls doesn't indicate a lack of productivity; it simply means employees are enjoying their time at the office.

Isn't that a good thing?

The_Institutional_Role_in_Personal_Development_Leading_On_Purpose_Newsletter-695ba232 On Purpose Adventures Blog - Results from #8 - Results from #8
14 February 2024

What sets exceptional companies apart? A shared understanding that developing their workforce is the ultimate competitive advantage.

Leaders with a transactional mindset think, "What happens if we train and invest in our employees and they leave?" Leaders with a transformative mindset think, "What if you don't and they stay?" The transformative leader understands that developing the workforce gives a competitive advantage in the long run.

diversity-tam-building-01-808fde9b On Purpose Adventures Blog - Results from #8 - Results from #8
03 February 2024

Team building has long been recognized as a crucial component of a successful and thriving workplace. In recent years, however, the focus has shifted from traditional team-building activities to a more inclusive and diverse approach. Embracing differences within a team has proven to be a catalyst for better results, fostering creativity, innovation, and improved overall performance. In this article, we'll explore the importance of diversity and inclusion in team building, with a special emphasis on the unique opportunities provided by Charleston team building experiences.

Are_You_Ripening_or_Rotting_Leading_On_Purpose_Newsletter-fbb8f079 On Purpose Adventures Blog - Results from #8 - Results from #8
31 January 2024

Today, let's talk about personal development. I want to confront the notion that we're perfect just the way we are. This belief that we are perfect just the way we are might sound comforting, but is it truly empowering? I challenge you to consider this: If we aren't actively working towards becoming better every day, are we inadvertently allowing ourselves to rot?

Embracing imperfection doesn't mean settling for mediocrity. It means acknowledging that growth is a perpetual journey, not a final destination.

What happens when we don't use our muscles? Muscle atrophy sets in and the muscles simply waste away. Take that idea and apply it to your mind, your emotions, your intellectual skills. If you aren't working to consistently improve and develop these skills, you're allowing them to simply waste away.

Does_Team_Building_Work_OPA-f6f2fc82 On Purpose Adventures Blog - Results from #8 - Results from #8
18 January 2024

We know there are some skeptics out there. Those who doubt the benefits of team building and team bonding. Maybe they have experienced bad team building events, the dreaded trust falls and ropes courses, where no change is witnessed afterwards. Maybe they have sat through a death by PowerPoint presentation that lasted an hour and didn't include an ounce of fun.

We get it. Impactful team building sometimes needs to be seen to be believed. Since we can't come to every office and offer a free demonstration, we've unpacked some information below to prove our thesis:

Effective team building and team bonding is possible.

Mastering_Engagement_in_Hybrid_Teams_Leading_On_Purpose_Newsletter_1-c3ac196a On Purpose Adventures Blog - Results from #8 - Results from #8
06 December 2023

Does this sound familiar?

You call a team meeting. Your hybrid team of 15 employees consists of 10 in-person employees with 5 working remotely. The 10 in-person employees trickle into the conference room, exchanging greetings and having side conversations. Then, you start the Zoom call, bringing in the remote workers.

The in-person employees bring in one laptop, perhaps with a large TV broadcasting the remote employees, with one camera. There's a whiteboard setup for in-person employees to brainstorm ideas on. You also have one laptop microphone broadcasting the sound to remote workers.

But are your remote employees truly having the same experience as their in-person counterparts?