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Yellow_Camo_Crew_Introducing_Jen_Chacon_Leading_On_Purpose-94997bdf On Purpose Adventures Blog - Results from #16

Yellow Camo Crew: Introducing Jen Chacon

19 July 2023

In this week's newsletter, we are continuing to introduce readers to the incredible team we have at On Purpose Adventures.

On Purpose Adventures' founder, Ben-Jamin Toy, was introduced to Jen Chacon by Jimmy Sorrells, owner of Liberty Networking . He spoke at a few events in Greenville, South Carolina and didn't meet Jen when he was in town. A few weeks later Jimmy introduced them and Ben-Jamin asked Jen if she had more bandwidth. If she could take on more and she said yes. Jen felt like being a team building facilitator was a calling for her and we set to determining how to best utilize and promote Jen's skills.

power-of-introverts-d6d577f0 On Purpose Adventures Blog - Results from #16

Unlocking the Power of Introverts

17 July 2023

In today's diverse and dynamic workplace, teams comprise individuals with varying personalities and work styles. While these differences can pose challenges to team cohesion, it is essential to recognize and value the unique contributions of introverts. By leveraging team building activities, we can create an environment that allows introverts to have their voices heard and maximizes their potential within the team. In this article, we will explore the benefits of team building for introverts and provide strategies for maximizing their participation and engagement.

Is_Culture_Fit_an_Excuse_to_Discriminate-ab2f59ed On Purpose Adventures Blog - Results from #16

Is 'Culture Fit' an Excuse to Discriminate?

05 July 2023

We recently shared a post that stirred up quite a bit of controversy all based on this comic we found online:

culture fit comic

Today, we want to highlight some of the thought-provoking comments we received from our insightful LinkedIn community.

Yellow_Camo_Crew_Introducing_Trevor_Crunelle_Leading_On_Purpose-b94f38b7 On Purpose Adventures Blog - Results from #16

Yellow Camo Crew: Introducing Trevor Crunelle

21 June 2023

We have a great team at On Purpose Adventures and I'm excited to have the opportunity to share more about them in this newsletter.

Trevor Crunelle has been with us since the summer of 2021. He has facilitated a variety of Cohesion Culture™ programs with clients ranging from the credit union space to manufacturing.

As The Growth Coach he collaborates with individuals on achieving whatever goals they set for their company. Together with clients, Trevor steps back to evaluate strengths and weaknesses, map a strategy for growth, and monitor progress until all client goals are met.

Get to know more about Trevor in the Q&A below.

The_Benefits_of_Failure_Newsletter_OPA-4af2cf1f On Purpose Adventures Blog - Results from #16

The Benefits of Failure: How to Embrace Risk and Learn from Setbacks

07 June 2023

It's often said that failure is not fatal if you keep moving, it's merely a lesson. Let's dive into how we can embrace risk, learn from setbacks, and develop a resilient mindset.

Learning from Failure

One of the most significant benefits of failure is the opportunity to learn and grow. Each setback presents a chance to analyze what went wrong, identify areas for improvement, and adjust our approach.

Happy_National_Scavenger_Hunt_Day_OPA_1-7ef1b776 On Purpose Adventures Blog - Results from #16

Happy National Scavenger Hunt Day

24 May 2023

May 24th is one of my favorite days of the year. Happy National Scavenger Hunt Day, LinkedIn community!

Unleash your adventurous spirit with a Scavenger Hunt to celebrate. Scavenger hunts offer a unique blend of adventure, teamwork, problem-solving, and entertainment, making them a popular activity enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds.

Exploration Through Scavenger Hunts

Kayak_Team_Building_Leading_On_Purpose_1-18eb214e On Purpose Adventures Blog - Results from #16

Team Building, Bonding & Entertainment in Kayaks

10 May 2023

Many organizations have done the same things over and over while expecting different results. This applies to team building & bonding as well.

They gather the team together then do trust falls. Or they leave the office for a 2 hour ropes course excursion. Or they take the team bowling one afternoon.

Then leaders are surprised when the teams aren't magically communicating and working cohesively the next day.

Dynamic_Change_as_a_strategy_for_success_OPA-9d0b571d On Purpose Adventures Blog - Results from #16

Dynamic Change as a Strategy for Success

26 April 2023

Is your organization willing to change?

Many leaders stand by the most dangerous phrase in business: "This is how it's always been done." They have this stale mindset that just because something has worked in the past, the business never has to change.

The "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" mindset shows leaders who are only thinking about the day to day. They can't get outside this mindset to see the big picture and imagine the great heights their business could reach through dynamic change.