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Fall-Corporate-Retreat-Idea-3-6015e78f Fall Corporate Retreat Ideas

Fall Corporate Retreat Ideas

11 November 2022

Corporate retreats are a vital tool for bringing staff members together for team-building, team-bonding, and work-related projects in a casual atmosphere. Such retreats allow companies to encourage connections among employees whose work environment has been upended during the past two years, from temporary closures to remote or hybrid work to excessive employee turnover. Those changes upset the balance businesses need to operate smoothly, and companies are seeking ways to restore that balance and strengthen their core. A corporate retreat can work to bring balance and cohesion back to the workplace.

In addition to holding all-inclusive and department meetings to discuss goals and future plans, retreats that have the longest-lasting effects offer attendees time for group fun and physical activity as well as down time to decompress.

If you’re planning a team building or team bonding corporate retreat this fall, we have some exciting ideas for you!

We at On Purpose Adventures, based in Charleston SC, offer team building activities for work. We specialize in creating truly unique and unforgettable adventures, adventures that have meaningful purposes all around the world. That may involve bonding with coworkers or increasing teamwork and communication.

Fall Corporate Retreats

We offer virtual, hybrid and in-person options to meet each company’s needs, and we can bring our adventures to you. Check out this partial list:

1. Combat Archery – also called archery tag, played with foam-tipped arrows for safety and Nerf-style fun

2. Competitive Scavenger Hunts – featuring local history & trivia

3. Table Top Adventures (Game) – indoor offerings great for inclement weather and avoiding additional travel expenses of getting a team to a certain location. Options include escape & riddle games and indoor scavenger hunts no matter the location of the participants.

4. Kayak Tours – exploring the waterway for wildlife, birds, and scenic autumn elements with coworkers

5. Biking Tours – pedaling along a bike path to explore fall color with coworkers

6. Hiking Tours, and more

Multiple options can be scheduled for one day, a weekend, or longer. As an example, here is a possible schedule for a group:

Arrival Day: Welcome reception with ice breaker game followed by dinner        

Day 2: Breakfast, followed by a workshop for solving a work-related problem or a presentation on the company’s culture/vision. After lunch, a 2-hour, outdoor team-building activity if the weather cooperates. Following some free time, dinner is served, followed by an indoor team-building activity.

Day 3: Breakfast, followed by a brief business session, and then on to a team-bonding activity such as hiking, biking, or kayaking. After a 2-3 hour tour, return for free time, followed by dinner. In the evening, conduct an informal feedback session.

Day 4: Have breakfast together, perhaps ending with a short activity, and send participants on their way.

Fall Corporate Retreats 2

No matter what your goals are when you’re pursuing team building activities, we believe you should play the way you work, and let your play inspire and enhance your work. Whether your team collaborates in-person, virtually, or both, you can benefit from purposeful team building and team bonding activities led by On Purpose Adventures.

Connect with us today to find out how our team building activities can help strengthen the core of your business and lead to a more cohesive, productive, and dedicated workforce. When you’re looking for real results, don’t trust-fall into another team building disaster that goes nowhere. Instead, cultivate team building with a purpose, and do it On Purpose.