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24 September 2022

When you’re looking for a way to build a stronger team of employees and leaders, there are countless team building activities in Charleston, SC to choose from. You’ll also find an overwhelming selection of team bonding activities in Charleston, SC that can bring your team together organically. So, how do you choose the best ones for your crew?

Knowing the difference between team building and team bonding (and choosing the right experiences accordingly) matters, because they each produce wildly different results. If you need to brush up on the verbiage, we outline those distinctions here *link to building/bonding blog*.

Once you’ve determined an approach that will best serve your team, you can start exploring the vast options for team building in Charleston. Whether your group has a bright flair for adventure, or you’d prefer something more low-key, you can pursue an exciting experience that produces real results – right here in the low country, with On Purpose Adventures. 

Know What You Need

Your first task as the captain of this ship is to determine whether your team would benefit most immediately from team building versus team bonding. This step takes a little observation on your part, and requires some personal knowledge of your employees.

If your employees interact well and have solid friendships already, start with a team building activity that will use those existing connections to enhance vital skills like problem solving and creative thinking. Do your team members interact as though they’re on different planets? Break the ice a little with a team bonding experience that will nurture genuine connection and camaraderie. 

Choose a Team Building or Team Bonding Activity

Once you know which direction you’re headed, make sure you know how you’re getting there and achieving your goals. In other words, choose your method and activities according to the abilities and comfort of your team. A group of twenty or thirty-something fitness instructors may enjoy an afternoon of combat archery much more than a firm composed of older or less active folks. Fortunately, On Purpose Adventures Team Building has options that fit everyone. 

Kayak Team Building

Kayak Team Building

An afternoon out on the water can deliver results in more ways than one. Getting your team out of the boredroom *link to boredroom blog if available* and out in the open air is a great way to encourage interpersonal connection without the workplace facade. An afternoon spent paddling through Charleston’s waterways will yield excellent team bonding and encourages employees to connect over something other than spreadsheets and stale coffee. 

Kayak Team Building with OPA brings even more to the table by including team building concepts along with the bonding experience. This Charleston team building favorite introduces novel challenges, exercises, and games that generate purposeful team building. Team members will engage in activities that promote group problem solving, communication, and creative thinking. 

combat archery team building

Combat Archery

While this may seem like a perilous conquest, Combat Archery with OPA is a great option for integrating team building with team bonding. Combat Archery combines the thrill of dodgeball and paintball, in an exhilarating alternative to run-of-the-mill team building activities. 

Combat Archery is perfect for groups who like to combine a physical thrill with mental and strategic challenges, and can help strengthen the very core of your business by sharpening the skills your team needs to succeed. Group think and strategizing, teamwork, and collaboration are all vital tools in surviving a game of Combat Archery. Rest assured that the lessons and takeaways gained from this experience will not soon be forgotten. 


Holy City Wanderer 

If your team wants a way out of the boredroom, without the risk of flying projectiles or watery peril, Holy City Wanderer may be a perfect pick. This scavenger hunt is the perfect way to get the most out of your Charleston team building experience and explore the most beautiful city in the lowcountry while you’re at it.

Holy City Wanderer is great for locally-based businesses, but also perfect for teams that are looking for team building activities in Charleston to complete a weekend of conferences or meetings. Team members will enhance vital skills like problem solving and collaboration as they work their way through cobblestone streets and picturesque parks. Elements of team building and team bonding both come into play as teams strive to solve clues and race to the finish.

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Code Breakers

Not everyone is chomping at the bit to pursue outdoor team building activities in Charleston, and that’s okay! For the teams that prefer to play a little closer to the office, or those who have team members that work remotely, Code Breakers is right up your alley. 

Code Breakers lets participants pursue challenges and activities that simulate real-world experiences and require activating skills like teamwork and problem solving. Team members work together to solve puzzles and crack codes, racing against the clock and their opponents. This activity strives to include all employees, no matter where they are, so you can combine virtual team building with in-person participation, for the ultimate hybrid experience.

Strengthen Your CORE

When you’re focused on results, building a strong CORE is important to achieving success. OPA’s CORE program is centered around Communicating Open-minded Real-time Engagement. This team building program can be customized to fit your team, whether you work remotely, in-person, or a combination of the two. 

The CORE program was designed to facilitate focused team building, and help sharpen the skills that create a productive, dedicated, and cohesive workforce. Hands-on, collaborative activities help individuals and teams identify their strengths, weaknesses, and find ways to improve the way they work together to produce tangible results. CORE represents On Purpose Team Building’s true objective, and delivers team building with a purpose.

Team Building With a Purpose

No matter what your goals are when you’re pursuing team building activities in Charleston, SC, OPA firmly believes that you should always play the way you work, and let your play inspire and enhance your work. Whether your team collaborates in-person, remotely, or both, you can benefit from purposeful team building and team bonding activities found right here in the Holy City. 

Connect with On Purpose Adventures today to find out how our team building activities can help strengthen the core of your business and lead to a more cohesive, productive, and dedicated workforce. When you’re looking for real results, don’t trust-fall into another team building disaster that goes nowhere. Instead, cultivate team building with a purpose, and do it On Purpose.